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7 Amazing Herbal Remedies for Stomach Pain

7 Amazing Herbal Remedies for Stomach Pain

Have you ever felt any discomfort in your tummy? Did you ever notice any cramp-like pain sensation in your abdomen? It is a stomach pain a type of sensation we all are familiar with. But how do you tackle this situation? Do you start moaning and crying like a quack? Do you get rid of the pain by these? Obviously no! Here I have the simplest options for you to get rid of this stomach pain. It’s good to visit a doctor when needed but we can deal with stomach pain with simple home remedies.

Why Home Remedies? 

The frequent cases reported for stomach pain have severe stomach pain that lasts for a few hours only if proper treatment is provided, or not. This stomach pain is either due to IBS, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, or other gastro-digestive disorders. We are proposing some herbal remedies here as we use most of these herbal remedies in our kitchen. Through a few changes in the way we use them, we can say goodbye to abdominal pain in the future. We prefer these home remedies over other medications because:

  • They are always effective.
  • You do not need to put your money in the doctor’s fee when you have all the treatments in your kitchen. So, they are pocket-friendly.
  • They are reliable.

What is the Origin of Stomach Pain?

These stomach aches do not share the same reason every time. The pain can start due to any reason. This pain always arises from some unexpected malfunctioning in any of the vital organs of our body. However, it’s good that we can overcome these severe pain sensations.

Herbal Remedies for Stomach Pain at Home

Use of Heating Pads (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer)

Most of the time, we are not able to figure out the exact location of the pain. We only know the area where we feel discomfort. Heating pads are nothing but hot water enclosed in a bottle. We can also use sand inside the bottle but water is easily available. All you have to do is to place the pad where you feel any pain. It’s good to lay down on a couch or bed for some time. All these actions help your muscles to relax again. Continue doing this activity for 15 to 20 minutes. It is sufficient time for your digestive tract to work normally again if your pain is linked with digestive issues.

Laying Down for a While (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer)

Laying down in a relaxing posture is also very effective. As you know, the rate of digestion is slow down during sleep. So, it’s good to have a sleep in that posture. This activity will help your internal organs to become stress-free. You will feel fresh when you wake up.

Avoid Overeating (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer)

The movement of our stomach walls helps in making mixing the food with stomach enzymes. This also stimulates the production of HCl stomach. Excessive amounts of hydrochloric acid can cause acidity. For these reasons, it is better to take meals on time and do not overeat.

BRAT Diet (Ilaj Bil Ghiza)

The term ‘BRAT’ means:

B for banana

R for rice

A for apple

T for toast

The diet is especially recommended for people suffering from indigestion, which causes cramping in the abdomen. This diet is easy to digest. That’s why it reduces the load on the stomach.

Herbal Tea (Ilaj Bil Ghiza)

It is an herbal mixture that aids the organs in their working. We can use tea of cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, and lemongrass. These teas help us in losing weight. They make our digestion a little faster. That’s how we can enjoy heavy meals easily without having any digestive issues.

Use of Essential Oils

The essential oils are produced from plant extracts. We have ginger oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oils. These oils help in dealing with constipation and nausea associated with jaryan treatment. You can either take one spoon of any of these or inhale them via diffusers and steam inhalers. You can also do a massage of any oil on the belly when you have stomach pain with a stiff belly during constipation.


We have the seven best and most effective options for the treatment of stomach pain. All of these 7 home remedies have their ways of action. But the thing is they give us relief from stomach pain as soon as possible.

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