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6 Calming Backwater Destinations In Kerala For A Touch Of Magic

The excellent tropical climate, Ayurveda, wildlife, forts, and backwaters of Kerala, as well as its attractiveness as a tourism destination, may all be factors. They provide an amazing picture since they are surrounded by palm trees. Whose reflections create a flawless image of the crystal-clear waters. There are a plethora of backwater destinations in Kerala for you to explore. You can do this by just booking any of the Kerala backwaters tour offered by Lock Your Trip. 

The finest way to explore the backwaters is from a houseboat, also known as a “kettuvallam.” They have long been used to transport people, rice, and other supplies to the state’s often inaccessible regions.The regular sound of the paddles breaks up the ideal quiet throughout the night when the area is flooded in blue light. Such moments’ loveliness endures for a very long time. If you haven’t experienced Kerala’s backwaters, you’ve been missing out on an amazing adventure. In this blog, we will mention a few of the best backwater destinations in Kerala for the best experience of backwaters in Kerala. 

What Are Backwaters Of Kerala

Let us provide you with a brief explanation of what backwaters are, in case you don’t know what the backwaters of Kerala are. Backwaters refer to the area’s fresh river water lake. Which is used for agriculture in paddy fields before being discharged and merging with the Arabian Sea. This network of interconnecting canals, rivers, lakes, and rivulets has barrages to prevent the mixing of freshwater and saltwater. 

Best Backwater Destinations In Kerala

Looking for the ideal Keralan backwater adventure for a charming family vacation or a romantic honeymoon? First, all you need to do is to book the Kerala family tour packages for an amazing vacation. Continue reading to know about the best backwater destinations in Kerala. 

Alleppey Backwaters

Kerala’s Alleppey sometimes referred to as Alappuzha or the “Venice of the East,” is a lovely town. Due to the extensive system of inland canals, it is one of the most important backwater destinations in Kerala. A houseboat tour through these backwaters is enjoyable. There will also be a lighthouse that was once a goods storage facility. The Aranmula Snake Boat Race is among the greatest occasions to visit Alleppey. Both residents and tourists find this event to be a big success. This place can be visited by just booking the Alleppey tour packages offered by LYT. 

Kumarakom Backwaters

The vista from Kumarakom is unlike anything else; the mangrove woods and rice fields jostle for viewers’ attention while the white lily-lined canals draw tourists from around the globe. About 16 kilometres along the Vembanad Lake from Kottayam is where Kumarakom is located. You may go through Kerala’s beautiful villages by boat as you navigate the extensive canals and streams. The serene surroundings, calm lakes, and lush vegetation provide Kumarakom with a spirit- and physically-uplifting atmosphere. It is hardly surprising that one of Kerala’s top locations for Ayurveda is Kumarakom. 

Kollam Backwaters

Kollam is one of Kerala’s most beautiful backwater destinations. It has a thriving cashew industry. The renowned Ashtamudi Lake takes up 30% of this town’s backwaters. The view from the trip through Kollam is breathtaking; canals, water lilies in bloom, and bird melodies make you happy. The Kollam houseboat tour offers the 8-hour-long Kerala backwater journey from Kollam to Alleppey. Along the voyage, you may order freshly prepared meals from the real cooks who accompany the traditionally styled houseboats. 

Kuttanad Backwaters

The fact that Kuttanad is the lowest place in India. It’s submerged beneath the sea is an alluring topographical characteristic. This region is known as “The Rice Bowl of Kerala”. Because it produces an abundant amount of rice. The Kuttanad encompasses the backwaters right in their centre. Apart from the extensive paddy fields, the region is also home to abundant banana, yam, and cassava plantations, making agriculture the primary source of income for the inhabitants. 

Kochi Backwaters

Take a Kochi backwaters trip for an unmatched backwater boating experience. You will admire the city’s deliciously balanced mix of urban and natural features as you travel through its backwaters. An experience to remember is getting a sense of the hectic city life while enjoying the picturesque beauty of nature.  Cochin takes you around some of the most important parts of the city on a cruise along its backwaters. 

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Kozhikode Backwaters

Kozhikode or Calicut is one of the most popular backwater destinations in Kerala. These backwaters allow you to get close to the Malabar Coast’s natural riches as you see a complicated network of canals. You have the wonderful chance to discover, take in, and appreciate Kerala’s rural beauty as you go. The reason that nature enthusiasts visit this location year-round is due to its undeveloped, rustic charms. The location is the perfect choice for spending time with your loved ones. Bring your loved one, family, or friends to these backwaters; the allure will remain the same. 

Backwater Destinations In

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