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5 Best Reasons To Visit Kochi, The Beautiful City Of Kerala

A vibrant port city with a long royal history and a unique fusion of indigenous and foreign cultures, Kochi is located in the Indian state of Kerala. Kochi, Kerala’s financial centre, provides tourists with both a taste of modernity and an opportunity to see the traditional side of India. It is a stunning playground for both traders and travellers as well as for adventurers. There are many reasons to visit Kochi. After reading the blog, you will be amazed by the beauty this city offers. You can visit this city by just booking the Kochi tour packages offered by Lock Your Trip.

Cochin or Kochi in Kerala has always been a popular tourist destination. Whether it was for the ancient traders or contemporary tourists.  This port city in God’s Own Country is enchanted by the seductive allure of the Arabian Sea and touched by the captivating beauty of the Western Ghats. This port city is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. It was formerly dominated by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British and serves as a reminder of Kerala’s glory. Every travel lover must pay this place a visit because it is affectionately known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” and the “Gateway to Kerala”. In this blog, we will mention a few reasons to visit Kochi for an amazing visit to God’s Own Country. 

The Ideal Combination Of Modernity And History

Kochi is known for its beautiful scenery. The port city also holds on to its historical origins while being one of the nations fastest developing metropolises and a global city in the making. All this together makes this one of the best reasons to visit Kochi. Even though Cochin has been completely modernised. You may still sense the spirit and significance of its past when you visit! You can see a stark difference between the past and the present in this metropolis. While locations like Fort Kochi reveal history in all its guises. Kochi’s vibrant skyline highlights the attractiveness of the Queen of the Arabian Sea. 

A Remarkable Beach Area

If you enjoy spending time on the beach, Cochin is a destination you shouldn’t hesitate to visit.  This is one of the best reasons to visit Kochi for a memorable trip. This port city is home to the magnificent Fort Kochi Beach. Which has a special beauty and allure and is adorned by the majesty of the Arabian Sea.  The breathtaking Fort Kochi Beach, unlike other beaches in the nation, lets you see Kerala’s customs and traditions. You can see the Chinese fishing nets that the natives use as a traditional method of fishing all around the shore. Along with all the beach fun, Fort Kochi Beach offers a chance to go back in time as you enjoy colonial-style bungalows, the ruins of Fort Emmanuel, and other historical sites. 

A Backwater Bliss

You must schedule a visit to Cochin if you like the tranquil beauty of Kerala’s backwaters.  This ancient city, known as the “princess of the Malabar Coast,”. It is the home of the backwaters known locally as Veeranpuzha, which extend from Kochi Azhi to Munambam. The Backwaters of Kochi are less busy and more serene than others. Visitors may experience complete remoteness from everyday life and enjoy its tranquil beauty without anybody interrupting their private moments. 

Ideal Area To Rewind Time

While there are many leisure pursuits and things to do in Kochi, history buffs may explore the depths of history and go back in time in Kochi. Due to its maritime position, the city has historically been a significant hub for trade and business and through time evolved into a meeting place for diverse cultures and customs. Even though Cochin has seen significant changes recently, its historical elements are still very much visible. When you come to this city, you may see a number of historical sites and appreciate their timeless rural charm. One such site, the Indo-Portuguese Museum in Fort Kochi. It is the perfect location to travel back in time and re-discover historical facts. 

A Place Of Unending Peace And Brotherhood

Visit Kochi if you want to see how many religious beliefs interact with one another to provide the most tranquil living environment. Cochin is proud of its worldwide brotherhood and intercommunal peace in addition to all of its historical sites and significance. Unending peace and brotherhood are one of the reasons to visit Kochi, the beautiful city of Kerala.  This port city is populated by individuals from many religious backgrounds. It is the perfect illustration of how to minimise our religious differences and live in the greatest possible peace and love. Kochi provides a home for everyone, regardless of their religious background, and one that is free from any fraud and the pain of inter-communal violence. 

Reasons To Visit

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