5 Best Netflix Shows To Watch To Learn English Effectively

Watch To Learn English Effectively

Let’s face the truth; everyone likes to spend way too much time watching shows on Netflix these days. It’s a fun way to relax and completely forget about everyday stress. But, do you know it can also be an outstanding way to acquire new English language skills? In fact, according to the best stalwarts of custom assignment writing services, around 77% of English learners tend to watch movies as one of their core language activities.

By watching Netflix shows, you get to listen to native speakers using their mother tongue, follow certain intriguing plots and master a couple of new vocabulary along the way!

If you simply love Netflix shows and you want to improve your English, why not do both? Here, we will walk you through certain remarkable Netflix shows that you can watch to learn English effectively and have fun at the same time.

Let’s take a look-

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a remarkable science-fiction series of stand-alone series. Most stories are set in the futuristic UK. Certain episodes can also be a tad bit dark and unsettling. Can someone take my test for me, By watching this show, you will come across a number of accents, words used in new and strange ways, along with a decent amount of slang and regional expressions.

The Great British Bake Off

If you desire to focus on British English, ensure to give this remarkable show a try. Apart from being one of the most famous British shows ever produced, it creates a comfortable atmosphere that enables you to lean in an excessively easygoing way. It is a television baking competition consisting of 11 seasons of 60-minute episodes dedicated to baking.

The language used here is predominately simple and evenly-paced British accents, along with phrases used in daily communication.

The Big Bang Theory

The Crown is another famous British show on Netflix that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The story’s plot starts in 1947, six years before her coronation.

The accents are British, which makes this show an impeccable fit for anybody aiming to learn more about standard British English. The setting is more formal and language less commonplace than the British bake-off, but still, it’s an amazing way to learn more about Britain’s history and its present monarch.


Suits is perhaps the best show to master business English vocabulary. It is a legal drama set in the city of New York, spanning 9  seasons of around 40-minute episodes.

It is probably not perfect for people learning everyday English, but it is apt for those studying business English. If you aim to improve your language skills for your work, you must try it immediately.

House Of Cards

If you’re a fan of politics, try watching one of the most interesting series of recent years, House of Cards. This show is a sharp political drama that realistically demonstrates the world of high politics in line with present American politicians.

The language is a brilliant mix between simple everyday speech and complex political jargon. Though the plot and situations are fictional, the show offers remarkable examples of using language to get yourself out of harm’s way.

Make the most out of TV, use it to improve your English fluency, and get real-life connections. Get ready to wow your professors with incredible papers.


Learning English should be fun and exciting. Read on to know certain shows on Netflix you must watch to enhance your English vocabulary and skills like a pro!

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