13 Simple Board Games Like Tic Tac Toe That Are Easy To Learn

Are you looking for a game such as Tic Tac Toe on a board? You’ve found the right place. We have 13 games with simple objectives and simple gameplay. Use the probability calculator to count the probability of winning a game. It’s easy to find the probability calculator.

Easy Board Games

1. Connect 4

  • Two people each drop colored discs into the frame.
  • The goal is to score four consecutive discs while simultaneously preventing each other from scoring.
  • The games are short which is great for children who have shorter attention spans. It allows you to play many different games in a very short time.
  • Children who are learning to share the responsibility of playing with a partner and taking turns can benefit from turn-based play.
  • Bright colors make this game more fun and inviting.

2. Mancala

  • Each player has a different number of stones in the holes on their side of the board.
  • Each end of the board has a bigger slot where players can deposit their stones.
  • Players pick up stones and drop them one at a time into the holes on the board.
  • Players who have a winning combination in their bigger slot can go back and play again if they end up with a stone.
  • Players are trying to collect as many stones as possible in their larger slots, but they also want to stop the other player from taking all their stones.
  • This game is fun because of its turn-based play.
  • Easy to set up and play, games don’t take long.

3. Othello

  • This classic game for two players includes a board, 64 reversible disks, and disc holders
  • Although the play is easy for most players, it is important for players to understand the strategy in order to maximize their chances of winning.
  • The strategy must be developed by players to ensure that they get as many discs of their chosen color on the board.
  • They can surround their opponent’s discs to flip them to their colors, which is the best method to take control of the board
  • Players must be able to think ahead and plan for their best chance of flipping discs in the right spots.

4. Guess Who

  • This classic two-player game requires that each player chooses a character, and then guess their opponent’s character.
  • Players can eliminate characters their opponent has chosen by asking questions about specific features of the characters.
  • As players narrow down their choices, it becomes easier to determine who their opponent chose.
  • The players must be very aware of the character they have chosen and be open to asking questions.
  • Knowing which questions to ask will allow you to reduce the number of characters your opponent has chosen and help you find the right answer
  • This game is fun to play over and over because there are so many characters you can choose from.

5. XOBrainer

  • This modern version of classics is great for two players and can be enjoyed by all ages
  • Players must combine elements from Connect 4, Go, and Tic Tac toe
  • Players must think in two dimensions to place their pieces. They also have to stop their opponents and try to get five of the same shape or color in a row.
  • This game is fast-paced and can be played for hours. However, unlike some other strategy board games, it is quick enough to be completed quickly.
  • High-quality components are stored in protective pouches inside the box to ensure they don’t become damaged or lost during storage
  • This game adds an extra layer of stress because players can play against their opponents’ pieces.

6. Go

  • Two players each place black or white stones aboard.
  • Players attempt to surround their opponents’ stones while securing sections of the board.
  • The end of the game occurs only when the board is full or both players agree to end it.
  • This is not a fast-paced sport, but it requires a lot of planning and strategies.
  • While it is easy to learn the game, strategy can take a lifetime to master.
  • It can be time-consuming to play the games, so make sure you choose a time that is more convenient for you.

7. Checkers

  • Each player has a set red or black piece that they can control
  • The objective of the game is to capture all pieces of your opponent and to be the last player with any of them on the board.
  • Jumping over another piece allows players to capture it. This makes it possible for players to link multiple jumps together.
  • Players can “crown” themselves when they reach the other side, which allows them to move forward or backward.
  • It is easy to grasp the basics of the rules.
  • Although the game requires a lot of luck initially, players will gradually need to rely more heavily on their skill to win.
  • Most games are short and can be played quickly.

8. Tenzi

  • Everybody who plays Tenzi.
  • Nzi receives 10 dice. Then, he or she must roll as fast as possible in order to get the same number of dice on each one.
  • The winner is the person who gets the same number on all of the dice, then shouts “tenzi!”
  • Players must be able to determine which number is best for them to use on all their dice
  • This game is very fast and doesn’t take much downtime because all the players are playing at once.
  • A great game for children and beginners provided they can identify the numbers on the dice.
  • A great game for just two players.

9. Chutes and Ladders

  • This game is great for younger children because it doesn’t require reading.
  • As they play, children can practice number recognition and counting.
  • Players are trying to get to the top of each board without landing on a chute or sliding back to the beginning.
  • Players spin a spinner, then move the space that is needed.
  • Some players are lucky enough to find a ladder space that allows them access to higher levels and bypass many other spaces they would otherwise have to go through.
  • Bright colors are appealing and fun for children younger than five.

10. Chess

  • Each player has a set of black or white pieces.
  • Each piece has a different move that players can use, and each player takes turns moving it.
  • Players move their pieces across a board in an effort to “checkmate” their opponent’s king.
  • To be able to take your opponent’s pieces without losing your own pieces takes skill.
  • Although the rules are simple, mastering chess can take a while.
  • There are many opening moves and there will never be the same game twice.
  • This game is great for long-term play because players can improve their skills.

11. Shut the Box

  • The high-quality components include a solid wooden case, a see-through lid, and 9-number tiles.
  • The dice are rolled by players and they must then close the numbers. These numbers can add up to the number shown on the dice.
  • If players cannot close any boxes that add up to the number of dice they have rolled, it is their turn.
  • The next player will open all numbers and close them in pairs or one at a time.
  • The winner is the player with the lowest score at each turn.
  • Although players must wait for their turn, the game is very fast and there isn’t much downtime.

12. Memory

  • This fun matching game is perfect for children younger than five years old. There’s no pressure and it’s very easy to play.
  • As they attempt to find a pair, players take turns flipping a pair of each of the facedown cards.
  • Players can remove a pair of players from the game if they find it.
  • The winner is the player with the most pairs at end of the game.
  • Players must not only remember which cards were not turned over but also where cards are located so they can find pairs.
  • It is easy to make the game more difficult or easier depending on how many cards you have in your game.

13. Turtle Flip

  • A great game for two, but can be played by up to six people.
  • Although it may seem like a simple game of memory, this game is a bit different and helps teach younger players how to value numbers and where they are.
  • It will hold the attention of younger players because of its fast pace.
  • Playing with parents can help children develop social skills and increase their confidence.
  • It is easy to understand and the rules are simple enough that anyone can play right away.
  • This game is fun for all ages thanks to the bright colors and the colorful illustrations.
  • To win the most, players must try to keep ahead of their opponents.

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