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10 Japanese Dramas For Beginners

Since the advent of the internet, our lives have been transformed in numerous ways. The Internet has helped make the world more connected and has allowed us to know more about and understand nations that were previously remote from us. Netflix began as a DVD rental business, but they had a vision for the future before other players and by the year 2007, it launched its own streaming service that broadcasts live. 

It is now the most renowned streaming company on the planet providing its services in over 180 countries at just $10 (1,000 dollars) per month, and producing its own shows and films. In order to generate various different Japanese names, use an online japanese name generator.

Japanese dramas

Here’s my list of the 10 most popular Japanese series available on Netflix and with English subtitles.

1. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Story

If we’re to discuss Japanese dramas on Netflix, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories must be at the top of the list. The show is based on a Japanese manga called the Japanese Shinya shokudo manga written by Yaro Abe. It has also become extremely well-known outside of Japan too.

The story is set in a tiny izakaya which is a Japanese bar located in Central Shinjuku district. For those who aren’t familiar with Japan, Shinjuku is one of the most populated areas in Tokyo and has the highest number of businesses, offices, and retail stores. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Shinjuku, however, this one is unique in that it is only open in the evening, from midnight to 7:15 at the beginning of each day. In addition, it is small with only a handful of seats at the bar, and its menu is made up of meals the owner is looking to prepare. Using the last name generator you can generate various names. Check out if it’s helpful to you.

2. Atelier

The Japanese dramas, also known as Underwear In Japanese, is a show about fashion and style, particularly women’s lingerie. The show bears a distinct likeness to the well-known and famous film “The Devil wears Prada.”

Mayuko is a fashion design graduate who has moved to the city of a million people (Tokyo) to fulfill her goal to work in fashion. Mayuko is offered a position as an intern in a Ginza boutique named Emotion. The proprietor of the Mayumi Nanjo company is the most famous designer of lingerie in the world. Imagine the rest you want to know, right?

3. Erased

Erased is the live-action version of the animated Boku Dake ga Inai Machi which is a manga adaptation written by Kei Sanbe.

The main character of this story is Satoru Fujinuma, a young man of 28 who dreams of becoming mangaka (author of manga-related works) in addition to being a delivery guy for pizza. So far Satoru appears to be an ordinary young Japanese man however, he has an odd ability. When tragedy strikes, Satoru is transported to the past to stop that catastrophe from occurring.

4. Samurai Gourmet

A different Japanese show that’s had a lot of success in the world can be found in Samurai Gourmet, an easy series to enjoy because it is only 12 chapters lasting 20 minutes each. The show is inspired by Manga Nobushi no Gourmet by Masayuki Kasumi.

Samurai Gourmet begins with a typical scenario that is commonplace in Japan: Takeshi Kasumi is a Japanese salaried worker who devoted all of his life working, and is now in his 60s and has recently retired and isn’t sure the best way to use his lots of time. However, he starts to find new restaurants in his area that he had never heard of and starts to appreciate the joy of eating. Through eating, he can also recall memories from his childhood.

5. Ossan’s Love

Soichi Haruta, 33, is a man who is employed by a state agency. He is living with his mom. While he’s looking for the woman of his dreams to marry, however, he’s not having much success with women because of his awkward and numb character. 

A day later, his mother, bored with the home situation, has him leave and takes him away from the home he has always known and Haruta must find an apartment that she can reside in.


Followers is a TV series that discusses a current topic that is: social media followers.

Natsume is a young, aspiring actress stuck in a job that is part-time and as a model under an oppressive agent that is unable to find the role that would help her career. Limi is well-known as a successful and well-known fashion photographer who is aspiring to be a mother. Both live in Tokyo and get together for the course of a shoot, in which Limi snaps a picture of Natsume in a moment of rage and shares it on Instagram. The moment they share will alter their lives forever.

7. Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

You can tell that television shows, Japanese dramas focused on food or food are a popular trend in Japan. Japanese people are passionate about food and cooking, so there are always plenty of programs about food on TV. Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is an adaptation of The Saboriman Ametani Kantarou manga by Tensei Hagiwara and Abidi Inoue.

Kantaro Ametani appears to be an ordinary man, yet there is a secret love for sweets. He is so addicted to sweets that one day he makes the decision to leave his position in the field of systems engineering, and begin working in the sales and marketing department within Kiccho. Kiccho publisher. 

As a system engineer, he could only eat sweets on weekends, however in his new position, the requirement is to visit different stores in various neighbourhoods of Tokyo and, if he manages to complete the visit within a shorter time frame than he had scheduled, and has free time, he could stop by an iconic café or a pastry shop within the vicinity.

8. Close-Knit

Close-Knit or Japanese Karera ga Honki by Amu Toki wa is an original series that tackles issues of transgender persons in Japan.

Tomo Ogawa, an eleven-year-old girl living with her mother, is a responsible and unlucky woman who leaves her daughter to join the boyfriend she’s found. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and the next time it happens, Tomo leaves with her uncle Makio. But, Makio lives with her partner Rinkio who is transgender.

9. Giri/Haji

The reality is that this show originates from the United Kingdom but we were looking for a show where a famous Japanese mafia known as the yakuza appeared. However, don’t fret because a portion of the show was produced in Tokyo. As well as a lot of scenes where they’re speaking Japanese. Giri/Haji means Duty/Shame in Japanese.

10. JU-ON: Origins

JU-ON is among the most well-known Japanese horror film sagas with people who are fans of the genre. The story revolves around a haunted house in which the grisly murder took place. And, since then, everyone who comes in contact with the house becomes cursed and eventually dies.

In the year of 2009, Netflix Japan has created an original show based on the film saga. Despite the Netflix series being away from the original movies. It has received a positive reception rapidly being one of the most-watched series of recent times. 

The creators claim that the show is based on the origins of the events that inspired the films. And that’s why it’s distinct. The show tells several stories that have different characters often in different places. (the plot is not linear) Which have the haunted house as the common element and how it affects their lives.

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