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10 Guidelines To Help You Buy Kids Rugs

10 Guidelines To Help You Buy Kids Rugs

Decorating a kid’s room can be joyful. We can play with different colours and patterns to decorate the room. Rugs are considered one of the best ways to beautify and charm any room. They are not only decorative but are also a way to protect the floor. Using rugs brings comfort and safety to a kid’s room. A kid’s room requires colour and texture. However, parents should use rug colours to match their kid’s personalities. This article will help you go through all the factors that are important to consider when buying perfect area rugs for your kids. 

  • Comfort comes first:

The most crucial element to examine when buying a kid’s rug is to ensure that the comfort level is not compromised. Rugs for your child’s room should be soft and smooth. The texture should not be itchy or provide discomfort to the child as most kids play on the rug, whether playing with their cars, dolls or watching their favourite cartoon and playing with their toys; all these things are the activities mainly performed on the rug. So, make sure to buy a comfortable and smooth rug for your kid’s room. 

  • The attraction is a priority:

Getting your kids to play on the rug or spend time on the rug is a crucial part unless the rug is beautiful and eye-catching enough to attract them towards it. A child is attracted to bright and vibrant colours, shapes, and soft textures. Buying an attractive rug that looks pretty and provides comfort will be enough for your kids to love them. Furthermore, if your kids are old enough to understand their likes and dislikes, make them the decision-makers. Kids purchasing their style of rug would save you a lot of money because they would undoubtedly love it. 

  • Placement of a kid’s rug:

It is not necessary to buy the kid’s rugs only for their room. You can also place it where your kids spend most of their time. Mainly, the living room is an area where your child might play. It is also an area where they watch cartoons on the Tv. However, placing a kid’s rug would certainly off balance the entire area, which is why it is considered essential to buy a kid’s rug that matches the interior of your living room. It is unnecessary to buy an animal-shaped or cloud-shaped rug for your child. A child rug in the living room can also be disguised into a sleek rug that provides the exact solutions as the child rug. 

As children follow their mom everywhere, it can be challenging to have them stick on the same rug placed in your house. Therefore, You can also set a child’s rug in the corner of your bedroom or kitchen to make a small play area for your child if they want to stick around you. 

  • Use rug pads for protection:

Do your children run around the house? Well, then rug pads are essential for a kid’s rug to ensure their safety. A rug pad protects your child from tripping and falling. It is placed under a rug to provide friction to it. Using a rug pad would save you from a lot of trouble. It will give a firm grip to the rug to make it stay in the same position. Rug pads are necessary if you have slippery floors. 

  • Pick a material that is child friendly:

Materials play a significant role in a perfect rug. For a child rug, a durable and long-lasting material matters the most. Whose child doesn’t spill their food? Well, none. A child will spill and create a mess. But, as a parent, it is your responsibility to clean the mess. So, choosing a rug that is easily cleaned and washed is the perfect option for you. 

  • Go for a tight weave:

Always choose a tight weaved rug instead of a loose one. A tight weave rug would be longer lasting than a loose one. For kids, a tight weave is considered the safest option because they are less likely to tear. A loose weave rug would get damaged easily as the children tend to get too excited while playing. They can ruin the texture and wear the rug off. 

  • Never choose a shag or loop weaved rug:

We should always go for a durable and easy-to-clean option when choosing a rug for a kid’s room. Remember to stay away from shag and loop weaved rugs as they are challenging to clean. The food spills and dirt can quickly go inside the rug, which means the stains are more brutal to be washed. 

  • Always consider the safest option:

The safety of your child is more important than any other thing. Always go for the safest option when choosing a rug. Choose a material that is safe and smooth for your child’s safety. Wool, sisal, and cotton are considered the best option for a child rug because these materials are comfortable, safe, and easy to wash and clean. Do not forget to use a slip pad beneath the rug as it prevents slipping. 

  • Go for educational options:

If you desire to give your children a familiar education environment, then educational options for rugs are just what you need. Use numeric, alphabetic, and shape rugs to provide a learning atmosphere for your children. Using these types of rugs would help in shaping the behaviour and personality of your child.

  • Colour attracts the child:

Choosing vibrant and colourful rugs would create excitement in your children’s life. The colours affect the mood and personality. Choose colours that make your child’s room look brighter and better. Children are all about colours. Colourful rugs like rainbow rugs are eye-catching and pleasing. It makes your child happy and joyful. So, always consider a good colour that complements the child’s room. 


A kid’s rug is essential if you have kids or pets around the house. It provides comfort and warmth to any place in your home. Your kids will be the happiest when they have a colourful and beautiful rug resembling their favourite animal. So, if you want to buy a kid’s rugs at RugKnots, ask the customer service and they will help you choose the best rug for your child. 

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