07 best online animal games

Following are the 07 best online animal games of 2022. Saving the wild jungle from extinction is a serious matter, and you cannot do it alone. It will take a whole team of professionals capable of approaching this good goal from different angles. Sergey the builder will help you build and develop a base camp, Jeff the ranger will set off to save wild animals from the clutches of poachers, Linda the zoologist will rescue the rescued kids and help them become strong and healthy faster, and thanks to the efforts of Kim the botanist, the jungle areas destroyed by people will be filled with dense vegetation again.

As for a typical farm with a set of mini-games, Jungle Guardians carries a very important and deep message about the need to save our planet before it’s too late.


Animal Jam is a kind and bright children’s unblocked games in which you can transform into any animal and explore a colorful virtual world. The game motivates you to explore wildlife, teaches you how to take care of it and protect it, so it’s not just entertainment. In addition, this MMO is a safe space for children to make new friends.


Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch is a great casual  unblocked games 66 for horse lovers. In this game, you have to get used to the role of a frisky horse and, together with other players, explore the open world , complete quests, participate in races and other activities. There are enough different breeds and colors in Horse Paradise, and by purchasing the appropriate add-on, you can completely turn into a unicorn.


In Wauies, you will become the owner of your own pet shop. Naturally, its main task is to make a profit, but this does not mean at all that you will only think about money. You need to take care of the animals that live in the store and wait for someone’s good hands to take them home, to educate them – this is not for you to sell potatoes.


With MyFreeZoo you get your very own zoo, and it’s completely free. Its inhabitants already live in captivity, so your task is to make their life as comfortable and full as possible. But you should not forget about business either, it is important that zoo visitors are satisfied and want to leave as much money as possible in it. But the main thing is to find a balance between meeting the needs of animals and the desire to please people.

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Being a circus director is not an easy task, even in the pretty My Free Circus browser. You have to train artists, train animals (naturally, without any cruelty), serve attractions for guests, keep order in the kitchen and a small garden – in general, spin like a squirrel in a wheel.


Hanz Puppetguns is a childishly cute incarnation of the quite adult idea of ??a zombie apocalypse. Here, plush animals shoot plush zombie animals, try to get good weapons and participate in dynamic battles in small locations stuffed with various useful items. Due to the brutality with which toys deal with enemies, the game is intend more for an adult audience. You can download the client for free on Steam .

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